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February 2014

The Year is 2014. Kick Bright for the time being is being moved offline as we know it to just print zines. However, there are several other projects I am working on with Kristin you should take note of.

First off, our band Hot Hands started an extented tour back on Halloween 2013. We're in month four at this point. It's been a crazy ride so far! We've been to a million places from Florida to Wisconsin. We're heading West to California in February and March. Check out our Webpage to see what we our current dates are. If you can help with shows wherever you live don't hesitate to write us ( ------ Hot Hands Webpage.

We are keeping a Tumblr Blog of our adventures on this tour. Lots of photos, videos and stories are being posted there daily. It's called Hot Hands: Lost In America.

We make fun, totally unscripted travel adventures on our Hot Hands YouTube Channel. We visit abandoned places, movie locations and weird roadside attractions. They're pretty addictive.

In addition to all of that we have a side blog called Jeffrey and Kristin Watching Bands. It's an evergrowing collection of photos taken all over the country of the two of us enjoying music from all sorts of bands and musicians.


Hot Hands have new shirts. The design was made by Jeffrey piecing together cut up record album covers. We don't have very many so order today before your size sells out.

This is what the design is like:
hot hands shirt


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June 2013

Issue #13I've been pretty slow on content lately. Kick Bright is not dead-- it's being given new life in being a print version. I've been making them like once a year but I'm thinking of making issues more frequently.

The newest issue #13 is available now. It's 32 pages of all original content exclusive to the issue. It's chock full of bands, comics, stories, artwork and reviews. I've only reprinted one article from the webzine that Kristin wrote.

I'll have them available at all future Hot Hands shows. You can also mail order them from anywhere in the US for $3.00 + $2.00 shipping below.





Shake a tail tuesdays

Shake A Tail Tuesdays Dance Night At Lil Indies in Orlando.

For the month of June Kristin and I are hosting a 50's/60's night at Lil Indies in Orlando every Tuesday playing the knowN and unknown dance favorites from a cross section of genres including: R&B/Soul, Rockabilly, Jump Blues, Doo Wop, Garage Rock, Early Punk, Mod/Freakbeat, Rock'n'Roll, British Invasion, Girl Groups, Back From The Grave, Sin Alley, Teenage Shutdown, Nuggets, Pebbles, Surf, Frat Rock, Beach and any other 1950s/1960s sub-genre you can conjure up! Kristin says "No 'oldies'". She hates that term. So, let's get dressed up and drink some beers at a dancin' party, every Tuesday night!

Visit the Event Page and the Like page for more details and playlists.


March 2013

Pillowfight performs at Peacock Room in Orlando on March 21, 2013. Filmed by Jeffrey Howard.




Holly Hunt

For some reason I have been neglecting posting things to Kick Bright. This may change soon as I have too many photos to go through! This one is Miami's Holly Hunt, who are totally great and loud. They may be one of the best slow music bands since Godflesh. Seriously!


Live review: Florida's Dying Annual Christmas Party with Sisters of Suave, The Wilt Chamberlain, Partying.

Sisters of Suave is a Thee Headcoatees cover band made up of members of Hot Hands, Pillowfight, Exitbags and Hungry Gayze. Here they are posing with Santa Claus.

This is a video of three songs performing at Lil Indies in Orlando, FL.

See more photos from this show here.


Flashlights @ Uncle Lou's Orlando. August 2012.


Photo: Dead Drunken Baby.


I don't know if I like this picture or this one better.


Video: Exitbags at Youngblood House, Orlando. 


This is from a Halloween show of new band Exitbags. They are really awesome, not just because they dressed in costumes. Visit their webpage.


Photo: The Lemonheads at House of Blues, Lake Buena Vista.

Lemonheads at House Of Blues Orlando. October 2012.



Kick Bright Zine is on online fanzine based in Orlando, Florida created and authored by Jeffrey Howard. It covers a wide range of topics with music and photography being the main focus.

This is one of the first online zines ever on the internet and at this point the longest running. Print versions exist from time to time.

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It is very very very important to support this webzine. You can do this by purchasing my music from my band Hot Hands. Like I said: this is very important! 

Hot Hands CD

This is our first CD 'Everything We Have Is Broken'. It's six blistering rocket-fueled songs. It's got cool artwork, inside and out and would be great in your music collection. It is $8 ppd.

Any questions about ordering? Email


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