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The Booking Addict (Orlando) local diy booking.
The Daily City (Orlando)
The Dropp (Orlando) Good all around art, music and culture zine.
The Electronic Subsouth (Statewide) The best resource for all things electronic and noise. Comprehensive concert listings.
Ink 19 (Melbourne)
Kick Bright (Orlando) Florida's longest running zine/blog covering shows and other randomness.
Kisses and Noise (Orlando) pretty good concert coverage in Orlando.
Norse Korea Presents (Orlando) Keep up to date with shows in Orlando.
Orlando Music News (Orlando) Jason Fergusons music news blog. Concert calendar, band of the week, links and more.
Orlando Weekly Music Section (Orlando) skipping the front page go right to the music section, home to "This Little Underground" and "Beatdown" music blog.
Reax Music Magazine (Tampa, Statewide)
Soundboard Music Blog (Orlando) Orlando Sentinel columnist Jim Abbott.
Soundcheck: Tampa Bay Times (Tampa) Lots of Orlando coverage.

South Florida Music Obessed (Miami)

Abortions For All B-tuned writings and miscellaneous rambles. Movies and music.
Cheap Rewards Florida Entries Learn about early power pop and punk bands from the early days of Florida.
Florida Geek Scene Promoting pop culture.
Florida Got Jamz Music blog dedicated to Florida music.
Fuck Yeah Sarasota Listing the things that make Sarasota totally awesome.
Orlando On The Cheap Tons of things to do.
Orlando Musicians Guide Helpful tips for bands.
Salty Eggs Miami based blog, culture, music, politics.
Sarasota Music Scene Covering the scene.
The Southern Pinball Festival November 18-20.
Tiny Waves (Orlando) New arts site with music, art and photography.
Tuned Up Music (Sanford) Guitar store.

Aestheticized Presents (Tampa)
Action Research (Gainesville) Action Research is a means to organize experimental and noise shows in Gainesville, Florida and the surrounding area.
Afrocentric Blog
(Orlando) Last updated 8/2009.
After the Hours (Tampa) Photos from Tampa/St Pete.
All Florida Indies Podcast (Statewide) Bing Futches Florida podcast was discontiuned in 2009 but all episodes are available for download.
Anablog (Gainesville) Online music review. Covers shows and bands.
Analogvoid (Orlando) Blog by Marc Hernandez.
Analog Artist Digital World (Orlando) Artist Thor makes daily sketches of Orlando life. Pretty neat.
Anti-Pop Music Festival (Orlando)
Antique Orange (Orlando) AO was created to showcase new and upcoming artist, film-makers, fashion designers, and to shed light on what makes Orlando eclectic through the many forms of entertainment.
Any Cool Music (Orlando) Book about Orlando area bands.
Apartment E (Orlando)
Art Exurb of 407 (Orlando) Totally sarcastic blog written by several anonymous writers covering things they like about Orlando as well as the things that make them ill. It's not as ravaging as Defame was but pretty entertaining.
Bee There Orlando (Orlando)
The Black Axe (Orlando) Design firm in Orlando featuring Horsebites.
Bleeding Palm (Miami) covering Miami events, good photos.
The Bone Blog (Orlando)
Bomb-O-Matic Show promoter: local & national rockabilly. punkabilly, punk and rock (Central Florida)
Boring Story (Statewide) zine/music resource. May be out of date.
Brook Pifer (Orlando) Photographer.
Built 4 Speed Tattoos (Orlando)
Central and North Central Florida Rock Shows - Livejournal
CFL Bands: Bands, Flyers and Shows (Orlando) Just what the description says, lots of internet flyer. Keeps current.
Cosmic Hearse Florida Edition(Statewide) GREAT source for downloading music from Florida's past. Great stuff here.
Creative Engineering(Orlando) Where Showbiz Pizza and the Whac-A-Mole were invented. They made a movie about it called Rock-a-fire Explosion
Critical Mass Tire Change (Orlando)
Crossfade: Miami New Times music blog (Miami)
The Daily City (Orlando)
Danger Room Recording Studio (Orlando) All analog recording studio.
Daytona Hardcore (Daytona)
Daytona Rock (Daytona)
Defame Orlando (Orlando)
Dirt City (Daytona) Covering Daytona and Arizona?? last updated 2009.
The DIY Team (Orlando)
The Dropp (Orlando) Good all around art, music and culture zine.
Don't Sleep Orlando (Orlando)
Dork Side if the Moon (Orlando)
Downtown Concert Series (Orlando) Sponsored by WMMO, free concerts downtown: Joan Jett, Cheap Trick, etc.
Dumb Orlando (Orlando) Highlighting the stupidity in Centrail Florida since 2008.
The Electronic Subsouth (Statewide) The best resource for all things electronic and noise. Comprehensive concert listings.
Endagon Entertainment Group (Orlando)
EU Jacksonville (jacksonville)
Fabric(ations) by Tic Bowen (Orlando)
The Farside (Tallahassee) show list.
The Fest (Gainesville)
Florida Championship Wrestling (Statewide)
Florida Hates You (Statewide) punk rock mp3 blog.
Florida Local Zine (Statewide)
Florida Music Blog (Statewide) A lot of info from all over.
Florida Music Festival (Orlando)
Florida Rocks Again Podcast (Statewide)
Florida Scene's Livejournal (Statewide)
The Florida Show with Jeffrey and Kristin (Statewide) Featuring only Florida musicians and bands podcast.
Florida's Live Electronic Music Concerts Listing (Statewide)
411 Booking (Panama City)
Gainesville Bands (Gainesville)
Gay Not Gay (Winter Park) Crazy community house. Check out the Christmas card pictures.
Glory Days Presents (Gainesville)
Glory Days Presents Gulf Coast (Pensacola)
Grandma Party (Orlando) Art, crafts and music bazaar.
The Guest Lab (Miami)
Harvest of Hope (Statewide)
Heart of Palm(Orlando) Interviews with Orlando area musicians/personalities.
The Heat Lightning (Miami) Hilarious entertainment blog.
Hey Sherman (Melbourne)
the History Center (Orlando)
Homegrown Roots Jamboree (Daytona)
Homemade Music Symposium (Tampa)
The Honeycomb (South Florida)
Ikky Entertaiment (Orlando)
Imperial Booking (Jacksonville)
The Inner Orange (Orlando) music blog by Vanessa from Wet Nurse.
Ink 19 (Melbourne)
Jacksonville Black Book (Jacksonville)
Jana Miller Photography - Flickr (Florida)
JaxBands (Jacksonville)
John Contos: Ten Arms Blog (Orlando)
Jungle Rot by Waylon (Gainesville)
Kick Bright (Orlando) Um.... best..... zine...... ever.......
Killed By Florida (statewide)
Killed By Florida Archive (statewide) Record reviews from the 1977 to 2010. No downloads.
Kisses and Noise (Orlando) Pretty good concert coverage in Orlando.
Knightcast (Orlando)
Lakeland Shows (Myspace) (Lakeland)
Little Reggies Productions (Palm Bay)
Lou Ming Presents (Statewide) Excellent source of old Florida bands.
Low Fidelityevents (S. Florida)
Mama's Sauce (Winter Park) print shop.
Metromix (Orlando)
Miami, Bro (Miami) Great blog covering everything.
Miami's Got It (Miami) They got it if it was 2008.
Miami Music Matters (Miami)
Miami New Times: Crossfade Music Blog (Miami)
Miss Bliss (Orlando) Photography.
The Mound of Sound: Ant Parade's Brigid Ochshorn Blog (Tampa)
Movie Joint (Orlando)
Natalie Borowicz Photography (Orlando)
National Underground (Orlando/Winter Park)
Nefarious Girl (Miami) Photos from Miami club scene.
Nerdapalooza Fest (Orlando)
New Art School & Booking (Miami)
New News art blog (Tampa)
Nine Bullets (St. Petersburg)
The 941: The Blog of the Suncoast (Sarasota)
Norse Korea Presents (Orlando) Keep up to date with shows in Orlando.
Notable Noise: Jason Ferguson (??)
Nothing Ever Happens In This Town (Jacksonville) Bill Ectric's blog about the Jacksonville alternative scene of the 1980's and 1990's. He's got some excellent videos from the likes ofThe Underground (very good), Beggars Weed and The Zeros. There's a lot of historic footage already posted and looks like there will be more to come
One Swell Illustrator | Billy Davis (Orlando)
Orange Juice Collective (Orlando)
Orlando 24 Magazine (Orlando)
Orlando Bands (Orlando)
Orlando Mugshots // More (Orlando)
Orlando Music News (Orlando) Jason Fergusons music news blog. Concert calendar, band of the week, links and more.
Orlando Punk and Indie Music Examiner (Orlando) One of the better music blogs in the central Florida area. Wish they updated more frequently.
Orlando Sentinel Breaking News (Orlando)
Orlando Sentinel Music Page (Orlando)
Orlando Sucks! // Blog (Orlando)
Orlando Weekly | Music Blog (Orlando)
Orlaphant (Orlando) Underground music videos.
Parafora Presents (Orlando) Check out the latest bookings from Chris Anderson.
Patrick Greene Blog (Orlando)
PCX Media (Orlando) small run cds, merch for bands.
PNR Productions (Kississimee)
The Pete Moss Memorial All-Night Record Shop (Statewide)
Huge collection of SoFla music available for download. GREAT!
Plastic Impossible: Omar Delrosa (Orlando)
Pop Mayhem Festival (Gainesville)
Pulse of Central Florida (Orlando)
Pulse Zine (Orlando)
Punk Rock in the American South (Statewide)
Rag O-Rock (Orlando)
Rap Factory (Cape Coral)
Ready Steady Smash: Mike Spiegs (Orlando)
Reax Music Magazine (Tampa, Statewide)
Record and CD Show (Orlando)
Remembering Florida's Hardcore Past (Statewide)
Rock For Hunger Orlando (Orlando)
Roofless Records Blog (Miami)
The Saint Petersburg Institute of Noise (St. Petersburg) (Statewide)
Sillyparts on Vimeo (Orlando) Videos from shows.
Skyway To Hell (Tampa)
So Raw Festival (Miami)
Soundboard Music Blog (Orlando) Orlando Sentinel columnist Jim Abbott.
Soundcheck: Tampa Bay Times (Tampa)
The South Florida Music Scene Past and Present (S. Florida) Pretty detailing of bands of all kinds from down south. MP3s of rare singles, band rehersals and more.
Southern Garage Bands There's also a (quite hideous looking) webpage devoted to garage bands of the south called (appropriately) There's a lot of good information and discoveries to made here.
Sparkle Ashtray (Miami)
Statemedia (Tampa) Show listings.
S2KS page (Tampa) DIY show reviews / music page. No paragraphs required.
Tallahassee Shows List (Tallahassee)
Tallahassee Music Scene (Tallahassee)
Tampa Shows (Tampa)
Thrift Store Links Florida (Statewide)
Tigertown (Orlando) A live music blog. Videos from Orlando area concerts.
Total Bummer (Gainesville)
Turning Point Collective (Daytona) Provides the Daytona Beach area with resources and space for producing all-ages music events and creating music related cultural products
Upheavel Productions (Crestview)
Waringis (Orlando) Good Orlando interviews, coverage.
Wells Electronics (Orlando)
Winter Park Sidewalk Art Festival (Winter Park)
Vagrant Productions (Lakeland)
4th Fest (Orlando)

naiomis hair
Naiomi's Hair. Photo by Jim Leatherman (1989).

Classic Orlando band: Naiomi's Hair.
This is one of my all time favorite records from one of my favorite all-time bands. They're called Naiomi's Hair and they were an Orlando band from the late 1980's into the early 1990's. One of my favorite OOP music blogs Willfully Obscure recently posted the band's second release called 'Tara'. An easy comparison is if REM had balls and could jump like the picture above. Get it here.



New music documentary alert: Invisible Bands: Mock-U-Documentary. Greg McLaughlin, singer from the 80's band The Front, has spent about the last two years making a documentary on the South Florida punk/new wave scene from about 1979-1985. It was uploaded two weeks ago and listed as being a "ruff cut" - and it is a little tough in parts but well worth the watch with some great footage, artifacts and interviews with people in the scene (The Eat, Futurisk, The Cichlids, Screamin Sneakers). It's almost an hour and forty minutes long so sit down and enjoy this. The other videos on his Youtube Channel are worth going through.



Event Page for this show


Event Page for this show

Keeping up a list of everything is an impossible task, especially "underground shows". Check the following venue pages for more listings:

Austin Coffee and Film (Myspace) (Winter Park)
Back Booth (Orlando)
BarBQ Bar (Orlando)
Copper Rocket (Maitland)
Firestone Live (Orlando)
Hard Rock (Orlando)
The Haven (Winter Park)
Hoops (Orlando)
House of Blues (Orlando)
The Lodge (Orlando)
The Peacock Room (Orlando)
The Plaza Live Theater (Orlando)
The Social (Orlando)
Stardust Video and Coffee (Orlando)
Substance (Orlando)
Taste (Orlando)
Timucua (Orlando)
Uncle Lou's (Orlando) No official page
Wills Pub (Orlando)

Amateur Depression | Blog (Miami)
Amateur Records (Orlando)
Anchorless Records (Orlando)
Built On Strength (Cocoa)
Cephia's Treat (Tampa)
Cloudberry Records (Miami)
Discos Mariscos (Jacksonville)
Drugged Conscience (Naples)
Eulogy Records (Miami)
Feeder Fish Records (Haines City)
Fighting Records (Orlando)
Florida's Dying (Orlando)
Green Carpet Pop (Orlando)
Hairy Sloth (Orlando)
Holiday Records (Orlando/Ohio/California)
Hymns (Gainesville)
It's Not A Monster Records (Tampa)
JMB Records (Coral Springs)
Kiss of Death Records (Tampa)
Lipstick Pickup (Orlando)
Livid Records (S. Florida)
New Art School & Booking (Miami)
New Granada (Tampa)
No Clear Records (Tampa)
No Idea Records (Gainesville)
One Eleven Records (Orlando)
Panda Violence (Orlando)
Post Records (blog) (Orlando)
Post 436 Records (Orlando)
Roofless Records (Miami)
School Night Records (Orlando)
Senzei Records (Miami)
Teen Ape Recordings (Tampa)
Touchdown Records (Panama City)
24 Hour Service Station (Tampa)
Ventriculoperitoneal Sound (Gainesville)
Warded Halls (Sarasota)
West Palm Beotch (West Palm Beach)
White Moon Recordings (Gainesville) 

WORJ (Orlando) Rock station from the 1970-80's. Neat archive with old commercials and pictures.
WPRK - Blog (Winter Park)
Send them your music.

Bananas (St Petersburg) An honest to god music empire. The place to find hard to find vinyl.
Park Ave CDs (Orlando) Carries most new releases in all formats. The used record bins are to be avoided. Serious price gouging going on there.
Rock and Roll Heaven (Orlando) One of the largest record stores in Florida. Also the highest prices in Florida.
Sweat Records (Miami)
Vinyl Richie's Wiggly World of Records (Orlando)
Orlando's newest record store run by Rich from the Florida's Dying record label. They carry new releases by underground and small labels and artists. They also carry music essentials. They pretty much carry only vinyl. You won't find a CD bin.

Central Florida Speaker Repair (Orlando)
East Coast Music (Merritt Island)
Guitar Den (Orlando) The best vintage/used guitar store in the area has closed it doors to be an online only shop.
Guitar Factory (Orlando)
Marks Street Music (Orlando) Music instruction classes, occasional gear sales.
Music Shack
(Casselberry) Independent music gear dealer and repairs.
Superior Speaker Repair of Orlando (Orlando)
Tuned Up Music (Sanford)
Wells Electronics (Orlando) Electronics repair.

National Tour & Tourdates Resources
Aerobooking (national booking agent) (Atlanta/Athens)
The Billions Corporation (National)
Book Your Own Fucking Life (National)
Candy Gram Booking (National)
FATA Booking (National)
Flower Booking (national booking agent)
Ground Control Touring (National)
Hyper PR (National)
Kork (National)
Lucky Artist Booking (National)
MHS Touring (National)
Mordom Records Show List (Worldwide) (nationwide)
Pop Circuit (National)
Southern Records Tour Database (Worldwide)
Universal Buzz

I would like to start up a current/official band link page. My old one was really out of date. I request bands that read this zine/page send in your main bandpage.

Hot Hands

Wet Nurse
The Woolly Bushmen

Jacuzzi Boys
Surfer Blood

The Jellyfish Brothers
The Gun-Hos

Doll Parts



MY REALLY OLD BAND LIST, will be deleted soon.

A Fine House (Tallahassee) Formerly known as Blah Ha.
A_Scissors (Merritt Island)
alGARhythm (Osteen)
Alias Punch (Orlando)
Andy Matchette and the Minks (Orlando)
Architects of Fear (Cape Canaveral)
Attached Hands (Orlando)
The Attack (Orlando)
Auto Automatic (Tampa)
Averkiou (Gainesville) Fantastic shoegaze rock band.
The Band In Heaven (Orlando)
Band Marino (Orlando)
Basements of Florida (Orlando)
Three bass guitars and two drums.
The Bell Towers (Orlando)
Birdie and Her Girly Nerves (Orlando)
Black Kids (Jacksonville)
The Black Rabbits (Altamonte Springs)
Blind Mans Colour (St Petersburg)
Blush Response (Orlando)
Brittle Stars (Gainesville)
Bonz Xylophone (Orlando)
Buff Clout (Jacksonville)
Buffalo Tears (Jacksonville)
Call It Radar (Miami)
Campfire, Suburbia (Orlando)
Candy Bars (Tampa)
Casey Powers (Orlando)
Cassettes on Fire (Melbourne)
Celebrity Autopsy (Orlando)
Cheer Up! (Orlando)
The Chicago Bears (Orlando)
The Chichlids (Miami)
Christina Wagner (Jacksonville)
The Clown Car Commute (St. Augustine/Orlando)
Co-Ed Cokehead (Melbourne) Lo-Fi noise overblown speakers, the works!
Colitius (Orlando)
Cotton Candy Cookies & Cream (Orlando)
Courtneys (Orlando) Dangerous razorsharp but oh-so- cute indiepop.
Crash the Satellites (Jacksonville)
Crush 22 (Gainesville)
The Dark Romantics (Lakeland)
Dead Meat (Miami)
The Deaf Children (Port St. Lucie) Imagine the funness of The Hives with the aggression of At the Drive-In.
Dear and Glorious Physician (Gainesville)
Derek Lyn Plastic (Atlanta/Orlando)
Diet Cokeheads (Gainesville)
Dirt McCoy (Apopka)
Discovery of Magnetic North (Orlando)
Dog Monsoon (Orlando)
Doll Parts (Clearwater) All girl punk band.
Doomsday Collider (Jacksonville)
Drug Czars (Miami)
Dumbwaiters (Tampa)
Early Next Year (Orlando)
The Eat (Miami)
Classic Florida punk rock band.
Eat the Elderly (Orlando)
The Electric Bunnies (Miami)
The Elks (Orlando)
Emily Reo (Orlando)
Emma Jean Branch (Orlando)
The Empyres (Orlando)
The Ex-Boogeymen (Gainesville)
The F-Pipes (Orlando)
Fake Problems (Naples)
Fashion Fashion & the Image Boys (Orlando)
Father Figure (Orlando)
Flashlights (Melbourne)
For Ex Lovers Only (Orlando) Perhaps one of the best Florida indie pop bands no one heard of.
Fruit Machine (Jacksonville/Gainesville)
Furious Dudes (Miami)
The Future on Films in Space (Orlando) Top notch psychedelic band. Too good for Florida?
Garbo's Daughter (Orlando, Mt Dora) All girl power pop.
Gashmask (Orlando)
Gatorface (Orlando)
Ghost Hospital (Tampa)
Giddy Up, Helicopter (Myspace) (Tampa)
Gut Ruckus (Casselberry)
Hankshaw (Tampa) RIP
Happy Valley (Orlando) Amazing prog rock. Tuff and sensitive.
Hear Hums (West Palm Beach)
Heavy Flow (Jacksonville)
Helios Eye (Jacksonville)
Hello Green Fields (Orlando)
The Henry Starrs (Maitland)
The Hex Tremors (Orlando)
Hi, I'm Anna (Orlando)
Hippy Gone Wrong (Orlando)
History (Orlando)
Holiday Shores (Tallahassee)
Holidaysburg (Orlando)
Horse Shoes (Orlando) Indie pop shoegaze. Are they really on Slumberland?
Hot Hands (Orlando) Kristin and Jeffrey rock it up.
The Hot Six (Orlando/Deland)
Inertia (Tampa)
Ironing (Gainesville)
Jacuzzi Boys (Miami) Um..... wow...... really good band.
Jason Choi and the Sea (Melbourne)
Jeanie & the Tits (Orlando)
Jehn Cerron (Orlando)
Jenny K Surrounded by Wolves (Orlando)
Joon (Lakeland)
Khann (Orlando)
King of Spain (Tampa)
Kingsbury (Orlando)
Lagues (Orlando)
The Lechers (Orlando)
The Lifeforms (Jacksonville)
Lil Daggers (Miami)
Little Insects (Orlando)
Look Mexico (Tallahassee)
The Ludes (Orlando)
The Macabees (Tampa) RIP
Magic and the Johnsons (Orlando)
Magnet Club (Orlando)
Marching Elephants (Orlando)
Max Green (Orlando)
Melted Sunglasses (Miami)
Mike Dunn and the Kings of New England (Winter Park)
Mirror Pal (Florida)
The Mondellos (Orlando/Jacksonville)
Monikers (Orlando)
Mouse Fire (Lakeland)
Movements in Still Life (Orlando)
Mumpsy (Orlando)
New Bruises (Tampa)
New Mexican Disaster Squad (Orlando)
North Korea (Orlando)
The Nuevos (Tampa)
The Oaks (Orlando)
Oh Fortuna (Gainesville)
Oh Sanders! (Gainesville)
Ozzy and the Bobos (Lakeland)
Pardon My Carbon (Orlando)
Pathway To Providence (Palm Coast)
Pemberly (Lakeland)
Phantom Limb Syndrome (Tampa)
Pohgoh (Tampa) RIP
Polluted Youth (Orlando)
The Postmarks (Miami)
Prefontaine (Tampa) RIP
Pretty Please (Miami)
Quadraphones (Gainesville)
The Queues (Orlando)
Rad Kids (Orlando)
Rape Revenge Fantasy Camp (Orlando)
Rec Center (Tampa)
Ricky Diamond (Orlando)
The Rochevanies (Gainesville)
Romattics (Orlando)
The Rondos (Orlando)
The Rules (Orlando)
The Runnamucks (Orlando)
Saint Sibian (Orlando)
Saint Sweetheart (Sarasota)
Sam Metro (Orlando)
Saving Twilight (Orlando)
Sweet indiepop. More reverb!
Sean Moore (Orlando)
The Sexcapades (Orlando)
Sharkpussy (Orlando)
Shit Eagle (Orlando)
The Shreds (Orlando)
The Silver Fleece (Orlando)
Six Dead Horses (Orlando)
Slaves (Orlando)
Sleep On, Alligator (Orlando)
Slippery Slopes (Orlando)
The Smuts (Tampa)
Snails in Folklore (Orlando)
Soulsonics featuring Ruby Velle (Gainesville)
St Dad (Gainesville)
Sterling Schroeder and the Chosen Ones (Orlando)
Strangers Family Band (Orlando)
Summerbirds in the Cellar (Orlando/Athens)
Super Secret Best Friends (Tampa)
Superaids (Orlando)
Surfer Blood (West Palm Beach)
Surfin Serf (Orlando)
Susie Ulrey (Tampa)
Tam Tam the Sandwichman & the Magical Sugar Cookies (Orlando)
Technobox (Orlando)
TeePee (Miami)
Tel Aviv Bats (Casselberry)
Telethon (Orlando)
Tooth and the Enamels (Orlando)
The Transfers (Daytona Beach)
Tree/Soundz (Miami)
Tres Bien (Tampa)
Triscults (Orlando)
TV Club (West Palm Beach)
The Ums (Tallahassee)
Unouomedude (Jacksonville)
The Vera Violets (Tampa)
Vessels of Energia (Melbourne)
Viernes (Orlando)
Vincent Valentine (Ocala)
Virgins (Orlando)
Waterdigger (Tampa)
Waylon Thornton and the Heavy Hands (Gainesville)
Weak Ends (Orlando)
Weapons To Go (Orlando)
The Whale and the Wave (Orlando)
Whit Evans (Orlando)
Win Win Winter (Tampa)
Woven Bones (Orlando/Winter Park/AustinTX)
X.O.X.O. (aka Hugs and Kisses) (Orlando)
Yip Yip (Orlando)
Yogurt Smoothness (Orlando)
Zillionaire (Tampa)
1991 (Orlando)


Bands: Indie/Rock/Emo
Baby Calendar (Miami)
Band Marino (Orlando)
Band of the Name (Orlando)
Black River Nightmare (Orlando)
Blowfly (Miami)
Bucket of Nails (Orlando)
The Cadets (Jacksonville)
Courtneys (Winter Park)
Denison Marrs (Lakeland)
Derek Lyn Plastic (Orlando)
Doris Delay (Orlando)
Early Next Year (Orlando)
From First To Last (Orlando)
Gasoline Heart (Orlando)
Hankshaw (Tampa)
History (Orlando)
Hot Water Music (Gainesville)
Hurrah (Orlando)
Kingsbury (Orlando)
Mashlin (Orlando)
Megaphone (Orlando)
Paper Cranes (Gainesville)
Rad Kids (Orlando)
Robot Monkey Arm (Orlando)
Shinedown (Jacksonville)
Spacebar (Orlando)
Summerbirds In The Cellar (Orlando)
The Country Slashers (Orlando)
The Elks (Orlando)
The Fashion (Orlando)
The Four Shames (Orlando)
The French Horns (Gainesville)
The Heathens (Orlando)
The Hot Six (Orlando)
The Killer Robots (Orlando)
The Maccabees (Tampa)
The Nine Volts (Cape Canaveral)
The Nuevos (Sarasota)
The Ocean Floor (Orlando)
The Rules (Orlando)
The Sharp Objects (Orlando)
The Sugar Oaks (Orlando)
Troubled Children (Orlando)
The Uptight (Orlando)
The Washdown (Tampa)
Timbers Shivered (Orlando)
The Immaculate Shark/Vostok (Orlando)
Watch Me Disappear (Orlando)
Yip-Yip (Orlando)
Bands: Artist
Christina Wagner (Jacksonville)
Keith Welsh (Gainesville)
Mike Dunn and the Kings of New England (Winter Park)
Shannon Wright (Jacksonville/Atlanta)
Tracy Shedd (Jacksonville)
Bands: Garage/Punk
The Creepy T's (?)
The Delusionaires (Orlando)
The Evidents (Orlando)
Fashion Fashion and the Image Boys (Orlando)
Jeanie and the Tits (Orlando)
Libyan Hit Squad (Orlando)
New Bruises (Tampa)
Recycled Ruins (Orlando)
Runnamucks (Orlando)
The Mondellos (Jacksonville)
The Monistats (Orlando)
Thee Monarchy V (Jacksonville)
Twisted In Graves ()
Whole Wheat Bread (Jacksonville)
Bands: Hardcore/Metal
Beauty In Chaos (Tampa)
Carlisle (Orlando)
Hand To Hand (Orlando)
Hope and Suicide (Orlando)
Imperial (Orlando)
Iron Cross (Orlando)
Make Or Break (Orlando)
Railsplitter (Orlando)

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