jeffrey howardAbout Jeffrey Howard.

Jeffrey Howard is a musician and artist living most of his life in Central Florida. He studied design at Valencia Community College and Art History at the University of Central Florida in Orlando, Florida. He currently resides in North Carolina after an extensive six month tour across the country with his band with his wife Kristin Howard. Along with film photography he creates 2-D and 3-D works using only record album covers as his medium.

Contact: or by phone 407-897-3414. All work copyright 2013-2014.

Title: "Blood Stereo"
Size: 15x18". Year: 2013.
Status: Unavailable.

blood stereo.


Title: "Every Night About This Time".
Size: 20x26" Year: 2014
Status: $250.

whipped cream


Title: "That's The Earth".
Size: 8x10" framed, Year: 2014
Status: $100.

whipped cream


Title: "Featuring Do-Wacka-Do"
Size: 8.5x8.5", Year: 2014.
Status: Available $100



Title: "Stereo Records"
Size: 4.5x4.5", Year: 2014.
Status: Available $60

Stereo Records


Title: "Whipped Cream and Other Oceans".
Size: 12x12" Year: 2013
Status: SOLD.

whipped cream


Title: "And You Shall Never Return"
Size: 10x8" Year: 2013.
Status: SOLD

Never Return


Title: Playing On The Range
Size: 10x8" Year: 2013.
Status: SOLD.



Title: "The Guitars"
Size: 9.5x9.5", Year: 2014.
Status: $150

the guitars