I knew this was going to be one of those nights. I had worked all day everyday for the past week. I wasn't just tired--I was dead tired on my last leg. I didn't even want to go out but the day earlier while at a record store on my side of town that I had never been to I spied a poster for Mondays show and "the Shyness Clinic" was scribbled onto a poster of an existing show. I was "ohmigod" because I was planning on driving over to Tampa to see them but now I didn't have to drive. They were coming to me.

The show was last minute booked. The show was to be Macha (from Athens, GA) and some band with a silly name. I wasn't even going to go see either. But, heck yes, I'd go if The Shyness Clinic were playing. My brother had called and said TSC were playing first and I shouldn't be my usual late self.

Because of the last minute booking, the word did not get out The Shyness Clinic were playing. In fact, when they started playing, the Sapphire was a ghost town, maybe thirty people all around the bar area. The area in front of the stage was empty. I stood in front, ending up sitting on the right hand steps. The boys played good but there wasn't anyone to really watch them. I wish more people would have come but how could anyone know. The guys were nice. I introduced myself to them. When we were talking the subject of Kick Bright came up and they knew what it was. That was so cool.

The Congregation of Liberal Judy was an improvisational project made up of Pat Wood on drums, Spanky and the saxophone guy from Obliteratti and a couple of samplers/keyboardist. They played either one long jam or two semi-long jams. Improv is better when you play it rather than listening to it but I thought they were enjoyable. Their transitions were smooth and when they got groovin' they got groovin'.

By the time Macha came on I was dizzy. I wanted to leave right after 'Judy but my brother said I'd at least give Macha a couple of songs so I stayed. Two of the guys in Macha were in a arty band called Emperor Moth. They were from Gainesville and I thought they were pretty darn good (they were also in River Phoenixs band before Emperor Moth). I saw Macha once before and wasn't too impressed. I remembered liking Emperor Moth a million times better. The new band had gotten a following and a lot of "buzz" (ewwww - industry word!) in CMJ and whatever magazines people read. They seemed to be making music in a Tortoise-vein but more of an Eastern influence. I can hear that into what they played at this show. I stayed for about five songs and I just couldn't stand their loudness. My hears hurt and I was passing out for real. I wanted to hear their quiet songs. I would have fit my mood at least. I said my goodbyes, drove home and went to bed.

Who: The Shyness Clinic, Macha, The Congregation of Liberal Judy. Where: Sapphire Supper Club - Orlando, FL. When: Monday March 1, 1999.

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